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Social Challenge: Would You Ever Do This?

Would you ever as a group of friends do this?

-Get 4-5 couples (Adults Only)

-Come up with a budget collectively that everyone is comfortable spending?

-Select one person in the group to plan an entire vacation within the budget for airfare and hotels.

-Patiently wait for 8 weeks until the morning of your trip and not know where you are going?

-Be completely surprised without really having any info on what to pack and plans while you are there?



Last Thursday at 6am we opened our front door and found a large stretch limo waiting to haul us away to an undetermined location. After picking up all eight adults that agreed to this Social Experiment, the designated Trip Planner shared with us that we were on our way to Chicago for five days!

Our friends upgraded to the Presidential Suite where all 8 of us could come and hang out and night and play games, get food and watch the Jazz!

View from our room overlooking the Navy Pier.

Chicago did not disappoint. I had never been there before and we tried to see as much as we could! We went on the "L" and got yelled at by some crazy person. Caught a Bulls and Celtics playoff game.

We managed to get some culture and see some amazing art and have some of the most incredible meals!!! We stood 103 stories high in the air at the Sears Tower in a glass cube with nothing but glass beneath our toes.

The trip was definitely one to remember for many years to come! As we told many people what we were doing (having planned a trip without knowing a destination.) Many said, "how fun that sounded!" Others said, "I could never do that!" "How would you know what to pack?"

I strongly recommend doing this with a couple of close friends! With the right people, it really doesn't matter where you end up. But for us, this past week, we hit Chicago!!!


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