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As the Principal Broker at PRIME RESIDENTIAL, I started this Company along with some famous Realtors so we could share with others what I see everyday in my job selling residential Real Estate. I want to teach others how to create value in their homes and be inspired by some creative vision. That is WHY I started my own brokerage. To share my simple message. How can I teach others how to maximize their profits when they decide to sell their home? That is why I am a realtor.

Anyone that knows me knows I love my job. If you follow on, you’ll see me sharing my passion. If I chose to do something everyday for free, I would be teaching people and selling homes. I have studied Real Estate since I was a young boy going to rental properties with my dad. It is in my blood. This last year I took the DISC personality profile to learn more about who I am and my personality. I highly recommend it. I tested a very high “I.” Off the charts high. Which means that I am very relationship and influence oriented. I actually genuinely love people. I love to meet new people and I love to chat with everyone.

After taking the test, I became more self aware and learned more about my strengths and weaknesses. It was extremely eye opening for me. I learned so much about myself. I learned that my validation in life comes from intrinsic value and rewards. My brain isn’t driven by making money and it doesn’t allow me to be spreadsheet oriented. It isn’t that I don’t appreciate people with those talents, I just am very aware I don’t have them. So I try to find friends with those skill sets and talents to help me. My personality naturally leads me to influencing others and making relationships. When it comes to selling houses, this personality type really works in my favor and yours as well. It helps me a sell a lot of homes. Here is why?

If I help you sell your home and I make $20,000, but you are left feeling like I didn’t help you, or you were treated like a process, that destroys me inside. I have learned in my job that you having an incredible experience with me as your Realtor, is my paycheck. I can’t live without it. I have to know 100% that I helped you. Making a paycheck to support my family is the bi product of that intentional and incredible service. But the paycheck isn’t WHY I do it.


Others with different personality types will be skeptical when they hear this perspective. They’ll say. “It is always about the money.” “NO ONE really thinks like that.” Well, they do and they are HIGH INFLUENCING personality types. There are quite a few of us out there too. We are the ones usually throwing a party for someone. It is usually also a party for someone that doesn’t even want a party. Let me go back and tell you how it can be about the money. When it’s not for me. But it is about the money for my client. My personality type won’t allow me to charge someone for something I didn’t earn. Crazy concept right? Putting a sign in the yard and waiting for phone calls doesn’t do it for me. My paycheck is when my clients say, “I saw you work really hard and really smart for our money, thank you.”

Carnegie said, “You will make more in life because of who you are rather than the service you provide.” It’s not WHAT you do! It is WHO you are and WHY you do the things that you do that will bring you lasting success. Im trying to learn everyday to be better. For myself and the clients I serve.

Selling your house for a good price and fast is WHAT we do as Realtors. To get you a GREAT PRICE, the BEST PRICE, your REALTOR needs to have a WHY. Their WHY should include more for you and less for them. So next time you meet with your Realtor, ask them “WHY” they decided to be a REALTOR? My answer is simple- “I love to help people and I want to show you how to make the most money.” Is your agent selling you something or do they have a heart of teacher? Which type will work best for you?

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