Brady Tanner
Principle Broker & Owner
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Brady Tanner is the Principal Broker and Owner of PRIME RESIDENTIAL. He has been selling real estate in the Salt Lake Valley for over thirteen years. When you sit down with Brady, it wonʼt take long to see why he stands out among his fellow real estate agents. With the heart of a teacher, he shares helpful information with anyone that wants to listen.


Blair Williams
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Blair has been a full time residential real estate agent for close to five years. He has specialized in representing buyers and educating his clients on how to use their primary residence as an investment tool for the future. “Every client I help buy their first home, I make it a priority to explain and teach them how to use it as a stepping stone to get where they want to go financially.”


He has a passion for teaching clients how to use real estate to build wealth. Greg also works with investors that want to add real estate to their investment portfolio. His personality and knowledge have helped him produced a high volume of sales year after year.

Andrew Nokes
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Andrew is a Real Estate Sale Agent at PRIME and focuses on Residential property. His work ethic and genuine nature has lead him to excel quicly in our industry.


His ability to learn and share the knowledge he acquires helps him relate to clients. "My success only comes when my client succeeds. It's that simple. I love what I do and pinch myself everyday that I am able to serve people I care about."


Jen Paxton
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Jen is one of PRIME's brightest assests. Her personality and desire to learn is contagious with everyone she encounters. Whether you are listing your home with Jen or she is showing you a home to buy, she takes pride in walking beside you every step of the way.


"I love my family and friends and I want to help them learn how to make money with their largest invvestment. The trust they give me is very important to me and it is something I don't take for granted."


After spending a career in sales, she has found her home in Residential Real Estate at PRIME. She loves her work and spending time with her daughter Riley and husband Bryan.

Dave Raulston
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Dave is a Residential Sales Agent that has a genuine passion for homes. Whether it is learning how to establish value or finding a great neighborhood, he loves to share his passion with others.


"I enjoy helping other people and I love Real Estate. Not everyone gets to do something their passionate about every day. So I am grateful the career path I have chosen gives me the rewards I need."


                                       Matt Young

                                       CFO and FPU Instruction

Lauren Biesinger
Transaction Coordinator


Lauren is PRIME RESIDENTIAL's Transaction Coordinator. From contract to close, Lauren communicates with our clients to ensure all of their needs and concerns are met until they receive their keys.