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5 Things to Look Forward to Every Spring

It's hard to find anything to complain about in the Spring season. The fact that the sun is out and the gray days of winter are gone is enough to celebrate in my mind. It was hard to narrow it down to five of my favorites but here you go:

5. Color

By the time Winter starts to wind down in Utah I am ready for some color in the yard. All of the hard work we do in the fall to get our bulbs planted finally pays off. I love to see all the tulips in bloom, although they never last long enough. Some of my other favorite spring blossoms include the Magnolia and Kwanzan Cherry trees. One other thing I probably love more than anything else is the green color of everyone's grass, we are all on an even playing field from the snow and spring rains. Just about every lawn is beautiful!

4. Spring Break

Although the activities of spring break have changed a bit for those of us later in life, spring break is still a much needed time to take a breath and enjoy the family. This year the Raulstons were lucky enough to escape to southern California for a few days at the beach. Spring break also is when my kids start the count down until when school is out, I love to hear the debates on the actual days until they are free of the confines of school.

3. Spring Cleaning

This is a great time to take the bikes down from the garage ceiling, in our house this means someones car gets kicked to the driveway until around Halloween. I also love to fire up all the yard equipment and make sure everything is running smooth and ready to go when the time comes. This is also a great time to take down the Christmas tree, for those that know the house I grew up in, this is no joke...for those sane people Christmas is long gone.

2. Warm Weather

This is a relative term in Utah, does anyone else feel like they are going to melt when the temp hits 65 in Salt Lake for the first time of the year? I love the chance to throw on a pair of short shorts (picture old OP shorts) and a tank and getting a good base tan for the summer. This is also a great time to walk the neighborhood, rekindle old friendships that inevitably die in the winter months.



1. Baseball, baseball and more baseball!

I love the busy nights that are consumed with America's pastime. All the hard work of cold practices start to payoff when games start usually around the 2nd week of April. Both of my boys play so we are lucky (some might debate the term "lucky") enough to have a game every night of the week and double headers on Saturday. There is nothing better than the smell of a grill and the crack of the bat that only a ballpark can provide. I love to see the kids get out and meet new friends and see familiar faces, I love to see the competitive drive and the desire to get better, I love to see the battle between pitcher and batter, I love to see teammates lifting each other up. Maybe it is the time of year and the desire to be outside but baseball is exactly what the doctor ordered after the winter months.

What are your favorite things you look forward to in Spring? I'd love to hear what they are!

Enjoy the weather, enjoy each other, enjoy the Spring!



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