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When we say "Neutral" we're saying...

Today I'd like to clear up any confusion that may occur when the word "Neutral" is said. See, we all may have our own definition of what neutral could be. And that's A-Okay, but if you'd like to sell your home, I have some suggestions. I've seen what people refer to as neutral when I walk into a home and I think, "Um did you say "neutral?" Because that bright red wall and royal blue bedroom is the OPPOSITE of neutral. This actually just happened. I do my best to smile and nod because I'm a really nice person. It's not my place as the photographer to say, "Excuse me, your orange kitchen isn't neutral." It's my place to smile and take the photos and then in editing, do my best to tone down the screaming wall.

What exactly is neutral?

Let's allow Merriam-Webster to help us out. Yep, I am giving the textbook definition of Neutral and then we'll chat about it.

Neutral: not BRIGHT or STRONG in color: able to go EASILY with other colors

Okay, here is where it can get confusing. I see how some may think that red could go with everything. After all it is the first color of the rainbow and naturally, you may think that since red shares the rainbow with orange and yellow and green and blue, you should be able to paint every wall in your house accordingly.

I'm sorry. It doesn't work that way. And I'm only talking about your home as if you wanted to sell it. If you're updating it and need every color of the rainbow, because that's what you want to look at every day, by all means paint away.

BUT if you're getting your home ready for a buyer. PLEASE resist the urge. No rainbows. There is not a pot of gold at the end of R A I N B O W painted house. I promise.



Neutral colors are light, gray, subtle, not distracting, not bold. They are calming and almost invisible. If you look at a room and the first thing that jumps out at you is the paint color on the wall.. it's not neutral. Neutral isn't the center of attention. It's shy actually.

Here's a tip: When in doubt...paint it white.

Give the buyer a blank canvas that they can work with. It's pleasing to the eye. White goes with everything. White, however can also be confusing. There is not just one can of white paint color. If you search "White paint" on Benjamin Moore's website, you'll get 1820 examples of white paint. Picking the right one can be tricky. It took me 5-6 sample cans to find the right hue that went with my warm wood. When I repainted my very GREEN kitchen, very RED bedroom and very BROWN house (see, even I was confused at the time) I wanted to add more gray, but not a gray that was too cool. It was a challenge.

Trim Colors:

I ended up going with my trim being Benjamin Moore- WHITE DOVE.

Another great white choice is Benjamin Moore- Simply White

Wall Colors:

Wall colors look different in every house. Depending on the light, cabinets, carpet, flooring etc..

I ended up with my walls being Benjamin Moore- Edgecomb Gray

Another great neutral wall color is Benjamin Moore-Natural Cream

Sticking with neutral colors can make an incredible difference. Remember this bedroom transformation?

Paint makes a huge difference! I feel like I keep saying that. But it's just that critical.

Your paint store can help you find a good neutral paint color. Or we can too. Shoot any of us an email and we'll be happy to recommend some paint colors for you. I promise, it will help you in your quest to sell your home.



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Mandy Cheney is a contributing Blogger for Prime Residential

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