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Transformation Tuesday! Is That Really the Same Room?

It was time! Time I tell ya! My boys share a room and it was time to update their room and not only make it more light and bright, but it needed an older boy feeling. Time to get rid of the airplane and dinosaur decor. I originally painted this room and added a little wainscoting when we first moved in, about 7 years ago. I love the wainscoting and shelf so I knew I needed to keep that.

Update time. The best way to update this room was going to be fairly simple. It needed a fresh coat of paint.

What color would I choose?


Bet you can't guess.


Remember? Light and bright? I will let the pictures do the talking.




WHOA! Did you see that transformation? Crazy right? Can't believe it's the same room. Painting it white made it feel and look so much bigger. I love how it turned out. Here are a few more pics...

My boys also have a nook in their room. If you remember some of my earlier posts, I have A LOT of those nooks and crannies in my house. Unfortunately it is not super fun to find what to put in those spaces.


(Don't mind my child who looks like a monkey!)

What to do? What to do? I bought this couch years ago and it fits perfectly in this nook, but it needed more! We love to read books at our house so a reading nook seemed like the best idea for this space.

Here's how I did it. I added a platform, and some reading lights, sewed a cushion to go on it and built a ladder for the boys to climb. I also built some bookshelves (more to come on those later).

I hope this inspires you to "update" a space or make a current space usable!





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