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UPDATE: Time to Say Goodbye to these 6 House Trends

Grab your tissue box. Some of you may go into mourning. I know that goodbye's can be hard so here is my apology in advance. This may be difficult for you. In most cases, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Unfortunately not in this case. I'm about to ask you to break the bond that ties you to these 6 home trends that have seen their day. Their time has passed. Just like perms. Just like stirrup leggings.


It is time to update! Yes, your home needs a makeover if they are still holding on to these 6 things. Here's the good news...

Updating can be fun. Updating can be relatively easy. Updating means you get to say hello to something new! FRESH! 2017!!

I hand picked 6 specific things I see in homes when I'm out with clients that really date the home. In no particular order, here they are:

#1 Tuscan Kitchens

This was the rage of the early 2000’s! We all know that we wanted one. It isn’t a bad trend and it was a warm and welcoming style but today when I am showing homes, people are looking for a brighter more airy look. Clients are drawn to grey’s and whites (like the photo below) over dark and brown tones.

#2 Damask Prints

Guilty as charged! I was totally in love with this print. I had blankets, sheet and most of my daughters baby stuff was damask print. While that definitely took me a while to fizzle all of that out it is better to opt for a floral print and your home will feel much more current.


#3 Pine/Oak Furniture

Oh the 90’s…yes my parents whole house was oak! Cabinets, bedroom sets, living room furniture. It was everywhere and I mean everywhere! While it does take me back to my childhood, it is something that instantly dates your house. I know seller’s take their pine furniture with them but someone that is looking for a home see’s it there and it's hard to picture anything else. This is an easy update with simply painting without spending a lot of money.

See how this furniture below got a face lift with a simple can of paint?

#4 Sponge Walls

This is one of the easiest fixes of all! You remember the faux wall…well prime that sucker and paint over it. Everyone loves a clean crisp neutral wall!

#5 Wall Paper Boarders

Wall paper is all the rage right now and making a huge comeback but it needs to be an entire wall. Wallpaper boarders had their time and were especially cute in baby nurseries but now they are not doing you any favors. If you want to give a kids room a fun kick, opt for removable wall decals instead.

#6 Vertical Blinds

Last but not least lets talk about vertical blinds. You know the ones that get tangled, pieces fall off and are easily broken. What a mess! We had vertical blinds in our first condo and they were a PAIN! Easy peasy fix is to take them down and get some curtains. This will immediately update any room and give it a fresh clean look.

I hope this gave you some insight. These can be easy fixes.

Don't be afraid to say goodbye. Hellos are so much more fun! Happy updating!





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Jen Paxton is a Real Estate Agent for Prime Residential and contributing blogger.

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