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7 Ways to Refresh Your Home with a More Contemporary Look

Something about the New Year makes me want clean. Clean, bright, and fresh. In my last post, I suggested starting with These 3 things for a bright New Year. I'm on a bright kick. I'm in the mood for less, which brings me to this post. Creating a modern and contemporary feel in the home invites that clean and bright feeling.

Although I can not go and reconstruct my home to look like the one above, there are some things that can be done to create a more modern feel.

What makes a home contemporary?

Here are 7 ways to acquire a more contemporary look:

1. Windows and Natural Light

One way to create more light and invite a more modern feel is to allow your windows to be seen. Don't be so quick to buy window coverings. Let the light in.

Here's a tip: You can create the look of more windows and light by adding mirrors where a window may be lacking.

2. Clean Lines

Contemporary is all about simplicity and straight lines. No arches, no curvy anything. (Here is a great post on how to square off archways in your home.) Aim for straight. Square. Corners. Clean. You can create that look with your furniture and you can also eliminate knick knacks which leaves counters clean and clear.

3. Contrasting Colors

Hello light vs. dark! Contemporary introduces both those elements creating a more dramatic feel. White and black. White and any other pop of color. It's easy to do. Make your backdrop white and introduce a few elements of a dark color. Remember the key is simple.

4. Lighting as Art

Kill two birds with one stone by adding light fixtures that double as art. Bright art! Creativity is the key. Your lights can really make a statement. They also happen to be one of my three suggestions for a bright 2017. There are some really great light fixtures out there. Have fun with this one!

5. Natural Elements

Contemporary invites the outdoor elements to be your companion inside. Think natural. Think colors and materials that match your environment.

6. Open Space

Less is more. Allow the Chi (another way of saying energy) to flow freely through your space. Removing furniture or decor that interrupts a constant flow of energy can help you achieve a more open and modern space.

7. Abstract Art

Whether you're into abstract art or not, you have to admit that it is simple and invites creativity. No two people will see the same thing in abstract art. It is a great way to introduce colors and clean lines to your space as well. Here's a tip: If you don't want to purchase art, create it yourself or have your kids!

Whether you prefer a traditional, country or any of the other style of home, there can always be a place where modern fits. Light, clean and fresh looks good in any setting. Maybe this is the year you think outside the box and experiment with something new. Maybe this is the year you become more creative. Take a chance and see how you like it. But whatever you do, do something you love. Love your home this year.

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