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Feeding 180 families in 30 Days!!

Winter blues setting in yet?! Not for our team at PRIME RESIDENTIAL. Every year we try to find several service opportunities to bring our clients and friends together. We love finding great Non Profits and Service Providers to throw our weight behind!!! We have the most generous family of resources and friends wanting to give a helping hand.

This Holiday Season is no different. We have all kinds of warm fuzzies flying around here with our winter service initiatives. As Realtors, we are in homes everyday and we see the needs of so many families. Especially children. Our local Salt Lake Board Of Realtors does an incredible job of raising awareness and helping our industry find ways to help those that are in need during the Holiday Season.

This year we teamed up in Salt Lake City with The Road Home.

The Road Home needed us to help them pack 60 sack lunches three weeks in a row to accommodate the need to feed the number of families in their shelter.

We met up with several of our PRIME RESIDENTIAL Realtors, Jen Paxton, Dave Raulston, Greg Goffin, as well as yours truly, last week to make sixty sandwiches and package them up for someone in need.

We are always looking for big hearts to help us in our service projects! Email me if you would like to join us next week again on December 19th to pack 60 more lunches to make a difference for these families for at least one meal.

What are some of your favorite service projects you have participated in with your family? Service is one of those things that just keeps giving all year around. It isn't seasonal, and it's not going out of style anytime soon!

Need some inspiration to get started?

Here's a list of local service opportunities.

Help us add to this list!

1. Retirement homes, call the director and find out what times your kids can come play games.

2. Road home is always looking for meals and clothing donations.

3. Host a coat drive, or food drive

4. Neighborhood beautification, pick your favorite park and for one hour you can split into teams and a reward can go to the person with the most trash!

Tiffany Fletcher is a Residential Real Estate Agent with PRIME RESIDENTIAL.

Contact me: 801-800-6365


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