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3 Finishes Your Master Bathroom Must Have For A Zen Feeling!

What do you feel when you go in your Master Bathroom? Is it depressing? Is it dirty? Did your kids squeeze the tooth paste out all over the counter? Are there fingerprints all over your mirror. Is there a light bulb missing from above the mirror?

Or is it Tranquility? Is it Peaceful? Is it Clean?

Now I have your attention don't I?

OK, back to reality-

Your counter tops are covered in hair brushes, toiletries, and medications? Do you need to "get away" to have that "spa like" feeling because you've never felt that in your bathroom? We work hard all day and our homes should have a few spaces where we can go and completely relax. A place to get away from everyone and everything on the other side of that door.

What is stopping you from creating this experience in your own home!

Or, Follow some great advice from our buddies at THIS OLD HOUSE!

When I help clients rehab their Master Bathrooms I always hear, "I want it to feel like I am at The Spa!" When I hear this, I go to my proven 3 step system that will leave you feeling like you brought The Spa home to you. Check out some of the projects I have designed and helped my clients do. Then when it comes time to sell, I can help them get an incredible return on their investment.


1) Modern Tile- Do you have carpet in your Master Bathroom? Nothing says "Zen" like stepping out of your steamy shower on to some moist carpet! Cmon. Tile is cheap. Less than $2 per foot. Watch a YouTube video and spend a Saturday getting sweaty.


2) Double Sink Vanity- Most Master Bathrooms have space for a double vanity. Often times there is only one sink. A little plumbing and a new counter top can save you from having to "wait your turn" to get ready or brush your teeth. A few hundred dollars can be well worth the investment!

Other projects we love or have worked on!


3) Euro Style Glass Door- The most expensive addition you can add to your bathroom is splurging to get the Euro Glass Door. While it sets you back when you buy it, you will double your return when you sell. It is a game changer and I do it every time with my new construction buyers and remodel projects. Master Bathrooms help your home sell for Top Dollar! And that is what we do at PRIME RESIDENTIAL. We get you the most money!


Are your ready To Sell and upgrade your Master Bathroom? Call me today and we can find you The Spa like feel you deserve. Search for your new home in your area! SEARCH HOMES FOR SALE IN YOUR BUDGET

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