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How to Create Your Own Unique Kitchen Backsplash

Does your kitchen's back need to be splashed?

We recently finished our basement. There's a lot happening at our house. Having friends over for football games and a place for our kids to hang with their friends created a need for more finished space. I love how it turned out. We added a mini kitchen complete with a popcorn machine, ice maker and a fridge.

I wanted to add a backsplash.

This decision, interestingly enough, was one of the hardest decisions I made. I threw around many tiling the whole wall behind the counter top, but that seemed too permanent for me. I wanted more of a rustic look than a clean tile look. After throwing out too many ideas to count, I decided to make my own backsplash.

Shocker!!! Ha ha. Have you ever thought of making your own "weathered" wood? You know, the kind you find when the 90 year-old barn gets torn down? I LOVE weathered wood so much that I make it myself.

Here's how:

1. Visit your local home improvement store for the wood. I use cedar fencing slats. Let the slats dry out because they are still really wet when you purchase them. They also shrink. I let mine sit in met garage for a few weeks before I use them so they can dry out.

2. Get a can of gray stain. Put a really light coat of stain on each piece of wood.

Ta-da! You now have weathered wood! I know, too simple right?

You can also drill some screws in a few random boards to create "nail holes" so it looked like they had been used before. I added more stain to those areas. This is what I used for my backsplash. I cut each board the same length and then nailed them to my wall and finished the top off with a small piece of trim. In order to make the backsplash do it's job and repel water, food, etc. I applied a couple of coats of matte finish polyurethane.

I really like how it turned out and I especially like that if I want to change it up in a few years that I can easily take it off my wall and add something different.


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