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Want a Custom Look for your Home Without the Custom Price?

Have you ever known some one who can make you laugh at the drop of a hat? Can befriend even the unfriendliest of people? Has talent seeping out of their veins, works so hard that even thinking about it makes you tired? Well, I have! I know, I'm lucky, right?

This person happens to be one of my heroes too. Now that I've got you all in suspense, I'll fill you in on who this person is.

My DAD!!!!

I wanted to share a little about him on this blog post because he has helped me so much in my house (and others). He is amazing with his hands. He is your make everything-fix everything-go-to-guy. He can build anything you imagine. I have so many nook and crannys in my house that require the weirdest sizes of furniture that you can't find in your local furniture stores. So my dad came to my rescue after I moved into my house and all of my ideas started flowing. He has had a passion for building his whole life. He started out as a General Contractor building houses. While he was building houses, my siblings and I often would be found on "the job" doing a lot of the grunt work. It was through his example and work ethic that he was able to teach his children the how to "work". This kind of work wasn't a walk in the park either. It often involved raking a pile of dirt to get it ready for concrete the next day and hauling heavy pieces of lumber so they could be used. You name it, we probably did it. Working along side my dad has taught me a lot. This is where I've gained the passion for DIYing and building things on my own.

Yep, my dad. He helped me make those. His career changed later in life, and he started doing flat work. That's not much easier than building houses if you ask me. He now is hoping to make another change and build furniture. That is where I have come in handy, haha! I give him a picture and some dimensions of something I would like built for my house and he goes to work. It is great quality and the best part is that when its done being built, I get to paint it and choose what color I want it to be. He is always willing to help others too.

That includes YOU!!

Some of my friends and neighbors have reaped the benefits of his labors. Here are some photos to show what he has done...

The sky is the limit with him. What an amazing man! So glad I get to call him my Dad. Do you have a piece of furniture in mind, but don't know where to find it? Want the custom look without the custom price? Would you like to update your home and add more value to it? Shoot me an email! We would be happy to help! My dad can build anything!

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Jeana Proctor is a contributing Blogger for Prime Residential.

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