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5 Things You Absolutely Don't Need in Order to be Happy

Home is the harbor that welcomes our family. Here at PRIME RESIDENTIAL we are committed to helping you create value in your homes. I'd like to expound that concept and elaborate on how important it is to not only create value in our homes but experience the MOST VALUE possible in our life and family.

Value in our lives. Yeah, that's a great thing.

Our homes are an important piece to that puzzle but the end all is to be happy. Happy with where we live and happy with who we share our time with and happy with ourselves and happy with how we spend our time. If you've ever been ill or experienced a near-death experience, you know first hand that we get one shot at this life and we need to make it count.

I recently spent a week in San Diego with my family. We packed very lightly. We each took a carry-on size bag. We made room for the surf board, wet suits and bogey boards. That's about it. We stayed in a one bedroom condo on the beach.

That's 6 people in a one bedroom condo. For a week.

Space was limited. Lots of sharing beds and snuggling had to happen in order to pull it off. But it was awesome and we did it. And we weren't lacking. In fact we were overflowing with all the right stuff! I was reminded of a lot of things while we spent that week together. I was reminded of what actually makes us happy. It's easy to fall for the trap that we will be happier when_________. We all can finish that sentence with something different. When I'm skinnier, healthier, wealthier, and whole slew of other "iers." But that's all it is. A trap. I'm here to tell you that falling into that trap will never yield happiness. Nope. Not going to happen. In fact, here are 5 things that you don't need in order to be happy.

1. Larger Home

2. More Stuff

3. More Likers on Social Media

4. More Money

5. Getting More Done

It would be easy to justify that having more money could bring more happiness. It would be easy to say that a larger home could bring more happiness. It would be great if getting more done actually did bring happiness. But guess what, there is no such thing as done. There is no such thing as enough. There is no ceiling to wanting more or having more. The word "MORE" is a trap. A web of deceit that we all seem to get stuck in. We see what other homes look like, we see what other people are doing, we pin ourselves against them and talk ourselves into believing that we can't be happy unless we have it all. But guess what, having it all never equaled happiness.

We can learn a lot from kids. They are not concerned about a larger home or any of those things. They are focused on time. They want time to play, be with their loved ones and time together. That's what makes them happy. My son had his shirt on backwards (when he actually wore clothes), my daughter had sand all over her face most of the week. My kids loved having one on one time with their Dad and I in the ocean. We talked, we laughed. We didn't think about what we didn't have. We enjoyed what we did have.

So, if you are looking for more in your life, may I suggest you seek more gratitude. More time with loved ones and more giving. Those are the "MORE'S" that will help us escape the trap that we all fall into on occasion. Those are the more's that will actually bring MORE HAPPINESS.

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