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Making a Difference: Why You Should Know the Petersen's from Petersen Family Farm

Photo Credit: Kelli Bramble Photography

If we were to divide the human race into two types of people, those being "GIVERS" and "TAKERS", you'd find this family leading the group of GIVERS.

We are extremely fortunate to have the Petersen's from Petersen Family Farm as members of our community. When we see people making a difference, we want you to know about them.

Today we'd like you to meet your local farmer, who actually isn't just a farmer. He's Luke Petersen; Farmer/Entrepreneur/Highly Educated and oh so much more. His wife Hilarie isn't your average farmer's wife either. Put these two together and you can see why they are making an incredible difference. They are a force!

Luke is a 5th generation farmer who has been busy gathering knowledge around the world. While Luke was getting his Masters Degree in England, he and his wife saw the community farms there and began to envision something similar with the farm Luke grew up on in Riverton. That's how Petersen Farm was born over 8 years ago.

Educating The Community

Have you ever wanted your kids to experience the work and fulfillment that comes from being on a farm? I have wanted that for my own kids and thanks to Petersen Farm, they can have that opportunity.

"Even though we farm 100 acres of produce throughout Salt Lake County, our main focus is welcoming and educating where we can. We hold summer camps for elementary students to let them experience the joy of being on a farm."

"We also have a Preschool that teaches over 70 children a year a curriculum that is educationally sound, but also very hands on. Our motto is that we learn and grow on the farm."*

In addition to camps and preschool, the farm offers canning classes, field trips, gardening programs, weekly farm baskets and more. Click here for more info.

My son and I were just there two weeks ago for his Preschool field trip. My son was on cloud nine! Farmer Luke taught the kids about the importance of doing chores. He taught them a song to make it more fun. Yes! Yes! Yes! Can I get a hallelujah for that! Chores being fun? I'm in!

I loved how he split open a pumpkin and talked about the seeds and where they come from. He then compared those seeds to the seeds in our minds that can grow into something equally amazing.

The kids got to spend time with the animals, the tractors, the pumpkins, slides, corn maze and even take a hay ride around the farm.

Giving Back

Even though the farm takes up the majority of Luke's time, he still finds time to serve as a Scout leader and a Volunteer County President of the Board for the Farm Bureau.

I am lucky enough to have known his wife Hilarie for over 20 years. I don't know how she does it all. If she's not biking burritos to the homeless through the Burrito Project, she's teaching English to refugees. Her heart is focused on others.

Hilarie runs the social media and education programs for the farm in addition to being the mother of 3 beautiful kids. She received her Masters Degree in second language teaching and is loving the opportunity to teach refugees. "It is work that is extremely rewarding," she says. She also volunteers at her kids' schools and is a Scout leader for the 8 year-old's. Their 3 kids are involved in the dual immersion programs learning French and Spanish which definitely keeps her involved.

Not Just a Farm

We think Farmer Luke is a big deal. His produce is fresh, affordable and locally delicious. His market offers the best in local produce and other goodies. But we're not the only ones who think Luke is a big deal. He was invited to be a part of the 10,000 small businesses program led by Goldman Sachs. He feels that was such an asset to him and has really helped his business grow. The farm is not only about produce but it is a business as well. Luke has mastered the art of being an Entrepreneur. You can read more about his business success in FORBES.

Don't have dinner plans yet for Friday? There's a way to satisfy multiple palates when you go hang at the farm on Friday night. They host a Food Truck Roundup there which is a lot of fun. Last time I was there I saw Farmer Luke walking around with a sample bowl of cherries. He is an entertaining and super friendly guy. Spending time on the farm is a must.

Everyone is welcome at the farm.

"Our hope is that you keep coming back and make memories here with your family and loved ones," says Hilarie.

Spoken from the heart of a true giver. If they're leading, we're following!

So, when you need farm fresh produce, time together with your family and community, entertainment, education, dinner, apple slingshot fun or a tractor ride, this is the place. There is something for everyone at the farm.

Visit Petersen Farm for more info.

Follow Petersen Family Farm on Facebook where they keep you updated on their produce and everything else happening on the farm.

*All quotes are from Hilarie Petersen



Mandy Cheney is a contributing Blogger and Photographer for Prime Residential.

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