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Say Goodbye to Dated Arches

As a Realtor I get to spend most of my day viewing properties with clients and seeing how people live. I see the best and the worst and everything in between.

I also get to see how clients respond when they first open the door of a new potential home we are seeing for the first time.

Many times, homes feel too dark. Ceilings are painted the same color as the walls, blinds are still down obstructing natural light. And lastly, in many homes built 10-15 years ago, we have arches in every pass through or hallway entrance.

While the Arch was the "Creative Design" of General Contractors during these builds a few years ago, they now feel dated and visually bring the ceiling heights down in homes and make rooms feel smaller and darker.

Over the past few years we have transitioned into large and open spaces. We are seeing lighter colors and now we are all about ceiling height! Taller ceilings create a happier space and give us more room to breathe. We even see 9 and 10ft basement ceilings more and more in order to create a brighter feeling when we are downstairs. Those basements that used to be the "creepy" spaces to go find stuff are now incredible living spaces with a completely different feel.

A few years ago, I bought a home down the street from where I lived. I decided the floor plan and lot was right if I could make it "FEEL" the way I wanted to live. I loved the area. I had lived a few doors down for almost 8 years!

But the home felt dated and dark. I could see what it needed and I began hatching a plan. If you don't know me, I should say I've done this kind of thing before. I love a good project!!

The first thing I did after the purchase was tear down the dated Arches and square them off and lift them 2 feet taller. It gave my home a very bright and happy feeling that could only have happened by literally "Raising the Roof!"

Entry way before the Arches

Arches are gone!

Square off the Arch

Raised the roof 2 feet

Creating a very happy feeling in your home will also create tremendous value. A home should be a refuge from your dally grind and routine. I love to help people create these spaces so they can literally run home after a long day.

As a Realtor, I love selling these homes because there is a line of buyers around the block for a "Happy Home." If your home needs a facelift or you need to sell to just start over, call me and let me be a part of your process. I hope to see you out there!


Brady Tanner is the Principal Broker at PRIME RESIDENTIAL.

Call me today and let's get to work!



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