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House Trending: How to Use these 2 Timeless Colors

I love this time of year! Fall is in the air and it's not so hot! Oh I almost forgot my favorite Holiday…Halloween!

I know it is the middle of September but I am so ready to decorate for fall and Halloween and give my home a fresh lift. The trend that I want to touch on for September is decorating with...


When I walk into a home with my clients (and I walk through a lot of beautiful homes), my eye is automatically drawn to a room decorated with any bits of black and white.

Black and white can be described as dramatic, classic, neutral, chic and of course fabulous! Black and white can be combined with a lot of the other trends that I have shared with you the last few months. It looks especially good with floral and gold but you can pretty much throw any color with it and it will look good!

My favorite black and white trend is flooring. From checkered to stripes it infuses drama and glamor but mostly it adds instant personality to any room.

Black and White is also timeless. It's hard to go wrong with it.

If you are looking to update a room, add some black and white!

Call me at Prime I would love to come walk through your home and help you maximize the value of your home!

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Jen Paxton is a Realtor with PRIME RESIDENTIAL and contributing blogger.

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