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Kids back in School? Time to Show your Home some much needed LOVE

Raise your hand if your kids just went back to school and you maybe shed a few tears while simultaneously giggling. It's sad to see them grow so fast, great to see them grow so fast. Sad to have them gone, but it sure is peaceful when they're gone. Raise your hand if your car was full of smashed goldfish and popcorn on your way to carpool and shiny and clean on your way back. Raise your hand if you were excited about getting things put back in order and clean and having it stay that way for a few hours.

Both hands are up over here! That's the stage of life I'm in. Goldfish crumbs. Like everywhere. I have 4 little kids and Summer teetered on the edge of fun, carefree, amazing, messy, insane and I'll admit...a little claustrophobic. The mess was never-ending. I love the saying that goes something like this...Cleaning the house with kids is like shoveling the snow while it's still snowing. It's hard to make a difference when the odds are stacked against you.

My older kids went back to school today. What did I do? First, I sat and listened to silence for a few minutes. Heavenly. But then I cleaned. My floors are sparkling! My carpets are fluffy! There are no goldfish crumbs. Like anywhere. So, I got to thinking, people should really know my secrets to shiny and fluffy floors. Especially people that want to impress a future buyer. Especially people who have kids that eat goldfish. Like all the time. Especially people who have a little extra time to show their home some much needed love.

So, twist my arm, I'll share. I have some favorites that will guarantee a WOW from all who enter your home.

Want Fluffy Carpets?

1. Invest in a carpet rake. They are incredible and incredibly addicting. They make your carpet look brand new. They put vacuum lines to shame. You can purchase them anywhere from Amazon to Home Depot. $20-$30

2. Invest in a carpet cleaner. A steam cleaner. I bought one of least expensive ones at Walmart a few years ago and it has been a life saver and money saver. We use it all the time. #fluffycarpets

Want Shiny Floors?

1. Clean with Holloway House Floor Cleaner. I purchase that at Walmart and have seen it at other grocery stores as well.

2. Polish with Holloway House Floor Shine. This makes your floors look like they've just been refinished. Super shiny and beautiful! I have been using these on my hard wood floors for 10 years and can not believe how nice they still look. It also works on other flooring such as tile and laminate.

So, whether you're looking to wow a potential buyer, or wow your neighbor before they come over or just wow yourself, these FOUR things can help you accomplish that. There, I've shared my secret! Now...

Happy cleaning!

Mandy Cheney is a contributing blogger for PRIME RESIDENTIAL.


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