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One Design tip to follow. Are you doing it?

If you have been reading my blogs over the past few months, you know my passion has been sharing with you quick and easy ways to update your home so it shows well for prospective buyers. When you write a blog, you have a lot of faith and send out something very personal for the universe to read and hopefully accept. I've really enjoyed sharing my passion and these helpful tips on the PRIME Blog.

So I have to admit I am a little.. ok maybe A LOT OCD. I just simply like things in their place! I like things clean and I try to be organized. I can't relax until my dishes are done and my countertops are clean at night. I don't like to wake up to a mess to start my day. With that context, you can now imagine my love for August's design trend. Let's talk about trays.

I LOVE this trend! As I walked through the Salt Lake Parade of homes last week, they were everywhere. Trays come in all forms of materials and styles like metal, wood, glass etc. They are such a small detail, you may not even notice them. But I do. I see them all. What type of tray and what purpose is really a personal preference. Trays can transform a mess of trinkets into an organized masterpiece! You can put trays in almost every room of your home. My personal favorite and the biggest bang for your buck is the kitchen or coffee table.



#1 Use different height items. Don't use all tall or all short items mix it up.

#2 Use different materials and textures. Use a tray to display your favorite things.

#3 Don't use too much bulk, it can overwhelm the look.

As a real estate agent as I walk through many homes every week with clients, seeing a clean organized home is the key. All of my clients respond and comment on a well maintained home. It is the feeling you get and a great first impression when you walk through the door that matters the most. If you are looking to to update your home, try a tray in one of your rooms to break up the space and enjoy a well presented home! I would love to help if you need some ideas. Email me your questions!

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Jen Paxton is a Realtor with PRIME RESIDENTIAL and contributing blogger.


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