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As part of my work week as the Principal Broker at PRIME RESIDENTIAL, I get to see show my clients homes almost every day! I spend my days helping people buy and sell their homes. As part of that process, I get to see the best of the best and the worst of the worst. What I also get to see is the way my clients react to a home the moment they walk in front door. What have I learned from showing all these homes? How to teach my clients to create value before they sell.

9 out of 10 times, my buyer clients have decided in the first three seconds if the house is going to work for them. There are a couple of things I continue to see in homes that my clients love that get them excited to write an offer. Let me tell you what they are looking for:

1) LIGHT AND BRIGHT COLORS- You have to paint! people!!! If your not sure what color, please call me. I can help you. I do it for free. But it is really important. Please spend some time and take the weekend and get rid of your faux sponge dark brown or orange wall. Please! Lighten the main rooms up with a nice bright color. It's a simple investment that pays back huge amounts.

2) OPEN BLINDS AND CURTAINS - For free let me give you this one trick. Let the light in your home when showing your house for sale. Open them all! Your home needs to show and feel HAPPY. My clients never articulate it, but they are looking for a feeling when they go inside a home. And the feeling is HAPPY.

3) TRIM AND UPDATED MOLDINGS- The quickest way to bring your home up to today's standard is by adding a few trim pieces to walls and give it a custom feel. Most think these projects take weeks and cost thousands of dollars. Some do! But most don't. You can do one wall, or wainscot a basement or entry way to give your home that extra feel of custom.

Because I see so many homes falling just a little bit short, we have started to help more and more clients finish off their homes as they prepare to sell. At PRIME, we educate our clients how to get the most money when they sell their home. we tell them how much to spend and where. If we aren't going to get you more for the cost to improve it, we don't do it. But if you want to get the biggest bang for your buck when you sell, let us help! We don't disappoint and your house will look perfect so you can get the best price.


Are you needing help in your home? Do you need fresh ideas on how to brighten your space? Are you going to be selling and need someone to tell you your house isn't ready to sell? We are all those things. Give us a call. 801-916-3542 or email me

When you are part of the PRIME family, you get our help. We have several talented individuals ready to assist with your design needs or just help you get ready to sell!!! Have you lived in your home for 7-10 years and are thinking it needs a facelift? Let us help you.




Creating value when tackling these projects is paramount. I hate when people waste money. We look forward to seeing you out there and sharing our opinions if you need any help!

Brady Tanner is the Owner and Principal Broker at PRIME RESIDENTIAL.

Are you looking to buy or sell a home this year? I look forward to meeting and seeing if I can help.


We are a boutique Real Estate Brokerage committed to educating our clients how to maximize profits when buying, selling and investing in real estate. We achieve this accord by serving our clients with the heart of a teacher.

From luxury listings to first time home buyers, we dedicate our time, resources and knowledge, to achieve a very personal an rewarding real estate experience.

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