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Find your "Happy" at Home

What brings you joy? I have a handful of people, places and things that can immediately warm my heart and douse my soul with joy. One of those places happens to be twenty steps from my back door.

This morning I visited it to grab fresh raspberries for my oatmeal. This afternoon I snipped basil and plucked a mouth watering juicy tomato for my lunch. I ate zucchini bread for a mid-afternoon snack and tonight I will spiralize zucchini noodles for dinner and most likely top it with basil and some more tomatoes. And when the sun starts to go down, you can find me with my latest book and lounge chair while I listen to the silent hum of bees and smell the peppermint blowing in the breeze. (That was a total unintentional rhyme by the way, and I'm keeping it because it makes me sound like I'm somewhere super exoctic.) But I'm only twenty steps away. Amazing. My garden is a happy place.

Where do you find joy in your home?

It's harvest time in my garden which means for a very small window in the year I get to unwind, stop time and smell the flowers and eat wholesome food that I grew myself. School starts in a few weeks and this window will close. But I wanted to share one of my favorite places with you before it dies and have you reflect on your own home. So, think, think, think....

Where do you go to feel recharged? I want to know! And like I've said before, if you don't have that special place, it's time to create it!

Welcome to my garden, if you live close, stop by, I'll make you something yummy! Or we can just pull up a seat and chat. Take time today to visit your happy place. :)

Mandy Cheney is a contributing blogger and photographer for PRIME RESIDENTIAL.


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