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Is Your House Beaming?

It's not unusual to catch me quizzically chewing on my upper lip while I gaze upward at our ceiling. Water's running, I'm in the middle of the dishes, yet I can't take my eyes off the target. Not much getting done in the dishes department. It's happening more and more now which can only mean one thing. Something is about to go down or in this case...up.

I'm ceiling shopping. I'm ceiling dreaming and I'm ready to dress our ceiling. I keep looking at our complicated vault wondering how I can pull it off. Every room in my house has been examined and thoroughly daydreamed. Which room is first? It's a tough decision.

Trim on the ceiling and beams of all shapes, colors and sizes really adds a beautiful finish and custom look to a house. I love these ceilings from the Utah Valley Parade of Homes. I thought they nailed it.

I always thought these beams would be impossible to hang because of the obvious reasons. Wood that thick is HEAVY and how the heck are you supposed to attach it to the ceiling?! I admit it wasn't until recently that I learned about "Faux Beams." Google it. You'll see. Fake beams! Light as (almost) a feather! How did I not know?!

Lightbulb moment.

Beams are possible! Dressing the ceiling and turning it into art just got a lot less complicated.

You can see why the dishes aren't getting done now and why I can't resist lying on the floor while I stare at a blank canvas ready to be designed.

What do you think about beams on the ceiling? Go for the white or switch it up with stained wood?

Mandy Cheney is a contributing blogger at PRIME RESIDENTIAL.

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