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One way to give your home that "AhHa" feeling.

I love walking into a houses with clients that are excited to buy a home and when we enter, we all have that "AhHa" moment. I have had that moment several times in the last few months as I have been helping clients find their dream home. I have had to stop numerous times during showings to take pictures of the creative genius in some of the homes. Creating that "AhHa" moment doesn't have to empty your bank account either!

The trend hitting many new homes this year has been open shelving. We are seeing it more and more and in many different finishes.


I love open shelving especially in the kitchen. I have seen it in bathrooms, offices and other rooms throughout homes. I am loving it the most in kitchens personally. Seeing someone’s treasures up on the shelves gives you a look into who someone is, their personality and what they love. For years we have kept things hidden behind doors and stashed away all of the clutter for no one to see. The hot new open shelving trend forces to decorate and organize and perfect your presentation for showings or entertaining. Open Shelving decor that I have seen and absolutely loved is usually a collection of special dishes or bowls, cute teacups, picture frames or holiday items. Whatever you decide to put up there for display, it is special and deserves a place on your wall to shine and show off. Gone are the days of crazy dolls on display and cabinets that collect old ivy hanging down and dust.


If you've seen open shelving in model homes or in your friends renovated pad, here are a few tips for you and a few ideas to keep in mind. - Group things together in a theme using color and texture. Pick a accent color. - Use a few items with substance like a beautiful bowl or basket. Artwork also ads a fun element to your shelves and gives it a pop. - Keep things simple and monochromatic so it is not so overwhelming. Make it seem open and airy not cluttered. I hope you love this trend as much as I do! I am going to implement it into my own kitchen. Have fun with this one and change it often for a fresh updated look!

Jen Paxton is a Residential Real Estate Agent with PRIME RESIDENTIAL and a contributing blogger.

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