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I have the greatest conversations now with so many of you regrading what to do with your kitchens. With my blog posts and daily Instagram Posts, (@bradytannerhomes)I am learning what you all like and what you hope to do someday in your dream kitchen. With the Social Media world we live in today, when I hit send every week, I am 100% convinced my opinion will reach a total of 12 people.

The confidence it requires to write something personal and then send it out to the masses for approval or acceptance, is borderline terrifying for any individual, including myself. The validation really only comes in private conversations and when individuals stop me to chat. Then it becomes truly rewarding. I have been able to reconnect with so many long lost friends as I continue to share my passion and what I have learned. Thank you to all of you who have reached out to say hello and to encourage me to continue to do what I love. Without those intimate connections, I would feel like there is nobody receiving the message that I care to share.

My blog last week hit an all time high and for that I am grateful! I was overwhelmed by the people that shared it and private messaged me. Anytime a real estate agent tells people not to buy a home, (my topic from last week) I guess a response of some kind is inevitable. I am passionate about my message and teaching clients the pitfalls of buying a home. I want them to use it to create wealth. Not discourage them from ever doing it again. As real estate agents, we should be teachers, not salesmen.

This is why I share the fix up information you can do to your existing home that will ensure you get top dollar when you sell. I want you to win. I don’t want you to be sold something. I want you to understand how to do it effectively. Here is my two cents for the week.

One of the biggest issues I see now going into homes are the kitchens being under lit. Often times there is one light fixture in a kitchen and one over the eating area. You almost don’t even realize it is under lit until you have seen the difference or its true potential. The kitchen is what sells your house. Usually adding 4-6 can lights will change the feeling in a home and give the buyer the extra incentive to write an offer. I see it every day. Invest a few hundred dollars and get back $1,000. And you will be happier in your kitchen because of it.

Brady Tanner



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