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Our Staycation Summer

Summer is winding down. Wow that went fast. Here at our house, we experienced a lot of of the simple pleasures Utah has to offer. We didn't plan any family trips this Summer so we had to find our entertainment elsewhere.

Not having big plans also meant I had to find a way to combat my nemesis: electronics. I personally can't stand them. The word "device" makes me bug out. Especially when that word is used in the same sentence with the word, "need." As if this generation of children can't live without their time on electronics like they can't live without food. Ugh. I struggle with that. But that's a topic for another day. Good thing Utah is amazing and has endless places and resources to help us with those summer struggles. Our favorites have been our hikes and lake visits. Utah is one giant playground! Thanks to the mountains and the cold rivers, we've managed to stay somewhat cool.

Here's some highlights of our staycation summer:

Still on our list to hit are:

  • Cecret Lake

  • Lake Mary

  • Stewart Falls

  • Pineview Reservoir

Any favorite kid friendly hikes you would add to the list?

Staying in Utah this Summer reminded me just how amazing it is to live here. We have it all!

Enjoy the last few weeks of Summer everyone!




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