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Conquer Summer Boredom with these 15 Activities

It's always this time of year that I start to get super giddy and super scared at the same time. The thought of ending the homework nagging, sleeping in past 6:00 AM and seeing my little kids more sounds like pure heaven. The thought of hearing the never-ending, "what can I do?" and "I'm bored," sounds like pure torture. Summer is here! I do my best to structure what I can but at the end of the day, boredom does hit and there's only so much I can combat with house jobs.

What to do? What to do?

Thank goodness Utah is a Summer wonderland and we aren't lacking in things to see and do. As a family we typically try to do 1 field trip a week. That means get away from the house and friends and devices and jobs and just go be together. I try to find things that are either free or inexpensive and allow the kids to do something they haven't done during the school year. (There are a variety of activities with all prices here.)

I did a 5 minute brainstorm just now and this is what I came up with (apart from swimming and eating lots of popsicles.) If you're wondering what to do this summer, perhaps this list can help get your mental juices flowing:

4. Mini golf


5. Bowling

7. Park City (ride the free trolley up and down main street. Get off and grab a treat at the local ice cream shop)

8. Mirror Lake (High Uinta day trip)

12. Hikes (Too many to list here.) Check out some of these hikes...

13. Have a service project day. Tie quilts for Primary Children's hospital, Help Utah Food Bank, Do Random Acts of Kindess (my kids love this idea from their favorite, Brooklyn and Bailey)

Hope you have a wonderful Summer and most of all that you get to enjoy what Utah has to offer and make positive memories with your loved ones!



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