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4 Steps to Hiring a Subcontractor

If you've been reading my blog posts each month, you've probably noticed that I have been "updating" a lot of spaces in my home. Not only do I feel like it is time (my house is about 10 years old) but I LOVE using my creativity to make improvements and keep up with the latest trends. Remember this man? I blame him! Having my Dad around has been super helpful. Looks like creativity and the need to constantly be thinking along those lines must run in the family :)

My latest update that we have now been working on for the past couple of weeks has been refinishing and adding more hardwood in my home. I decided the dated brown tile and carpet needed to go. And hardwood would replace it.

Just beginning the process of a huge project like this can be overwhelming. So I want to give you a few ideas to help this process become more bearable. First of all, I knew this wasn't going to be a Do It Yourself type of project. I needed to hire a company to come do their professional work on my floor. The task of hiring a company can be daunting. Who should you use? Is their work good? Are they honest? Will they finish the job on time? Etc... I'm sure you've all experienced or asked those same questions when you've thought about hiring a company/subcontractor to come do work in your home.

If you are planning on using an outside company to help with the project, I recommend these 4 steps...

1-BIDS! Don't be afraid to call multiple companies. Most companies offer this service for free. So the more bids you can get the better. 2-Don't be afraid to ask questions. While they are at your house measuring and jotting notes, ask questions, lots of questions. This is the prime opportunity to get to know them a little and see if they are trustworthy and if you would feel comfortable with them in your home.



3- Ask for references of previous work. Don't be afraid to ask if they have a website or any photos of their work. If you can see what kind of work they do, it makes the decision a lot easier. Remember that even though someone may be the least expensive the work may not be good. 4-Check their willingness to help you from the beginning. The company I hired to do my floors was the only company that was willing to come to my house and sand a small area to make sure we could get the color I was seeking. That made my decision easy. I gave them the job. The other companies were not willing to go the extra mile. I hope this helps you when it comes to whatever update or renovation you are doing. Stay tuned, I can't wait to show you how my floors turn out.

Good luck!



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