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Living True to Self: What I Learned from The Bucket List Family


Pop Quiz time.

Are you ready?

1. What do you value most? In a world full of options and choices, what is it you truly value more than anything?

2. Do your daily actions lead you to that value?

The other day I had the privilege to sit and listen to Gharrett and Jessica Gee, also known as "The Bucket List Family." Are you familiar with them? They have quite the story. Their adventurous little family of 4 sold everything they had, quit their job and became "Adventure Travel Journalists." You can follow their adventures here on INSTAGRAM and YOU TUBE.

It seems that whatever Gharrett Gee touches turns to gold. Prior to becoming globally known journalists, Gharrett developed an app and sold it to Snap Chat for $54 million dollars.

It was truly a delight to listen to him speak about his journey and also hear his recipe for success which is:

1. Pure intentions

2. Hard Work

3. True to Self

He also talked about having a theme for your life and if the way you're living isn't fitting with your theme....then change it.




After he sold his app to Snapchat, he was immersed into the corporate world and realized that he wasn't waking up excited about his life. The time he spent on his priorities was backwards. He found that he was spending more time working than on his health or relationships. He has obviously found a way to change that. That's where living true to yourself comes in.

He inspired us to question the normal, live with pure intentions, work hard, dream and also live true to who we are and our purpose.

It was an inspiring night.

Before you go sell all that you have and start living your dream, it's important to define what YOUR values are exactly and what YOU should be doing with YOUR life. It's a different answer for everyone.

That same day, I did a little exercise with my husband. With a stack of 100 cards with values written I had to categorize them into 3 piles.

1.) Most Important to me

2.) Somewhat important to me

3.) Not very important to me.

I then had to discard piles 2 and 3.

Next step was to whittle my most important pile down to 3 values.

That was not easy. I did it and ended up with my top three.

Then the brain process began. Are my actions pointing me in the direction of those 3 most important things? I had a lot of thinking to do.

So, I'm not going to tell you what to do here on this blog post, it's more food for thought. I'm still processing, and evaluating and answering these questions myself. I definitely think they are important ones to address every once in a while.

Do you know what your theme for your life is?

Are you happy where you are and what you're doing?

Does waking up every morning make you excited?

And again, do your daily actions match up with your most important values?

If not, what can you do about it?

Happy pondering!



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