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Vision Boards: Goal Setting for Artistic and Creative Folk

I want to open up this week about one of my guilty pleasures (and I’m not talking about ABC’s, The Bachelor). I’m talking about my preoccupation with monthly magazine subscriptions. Every month I receive a variety of Fashion, Health, and Current Event subscriptions. Some are paid but most are FREE.

So I know what you must be thinking...

1. Are magazine subscriptions still really a thing with the instant access of Internet, blogs, and social media outlets? I’ll answer with a resounding YES!

Or your next question may be...

2. What do you even do with all those magazines after you read them? To that I say, this is where I have the most fun. I recycle and repurpose magazines by tearing, cutting, and trimming pictures, words, or quotes that resonate with me and I collage them. I actually did this for many years in middle school and high school not realizing I was creating collages of future goals and ambition for myself. I would cover the front of school binders with snipped pictures and phrases and I was able to see visual reminders every day of the things I wanted. It wasn’t until I attended a college course at BYU-Idaho where I learned what a Vision Board actually was and the value of having one.

Definition of Vision Board: A visual representation of your goals, dreams, and ideal life; see also Dream Board.

I’ve always been a visual-tactile or kinesthetic learner. “These learners need to move, they learn through their bodies and their sense of touch.

It’s why to this day I prefer writing appointments on a physical calendar rather than the digital program on my iPhone. Additionally it explains my fixation with magazines still vs. online news sources, fashion sites and blogs (ironic I’m writing for this blog currently Heehe). And it explains why I love this creative version of goal setting.

So today I’ll leave a few tips on how to create your vision board and I challenge you to bring your January New Year’s Resolutions to life in pictures this month!

What Do You Need:

  • Poster Board or Paper (This week I had an extra cardboard box and was able to personalize the dimensions).

  • Glue (I prefer spray glue or rubber cement v. Elmer’s liquid or glue sticks).

  • Variety of magazines (Avoid limiting yourself to just one genre. I currently receive FREE: The Home Mag, Salt Lake Realtor, Experience Life, Healthy Living, Sports Guide, and Community.

  • Music (Pick some background sound that will motivate you. I love Spotify Discover Playlists or you may choose to tune in to your favorite Podcast).

Design Tips:

  • Pick your Topic (Career, Community, Family, Wellness, Travel, etc).

  • Be positive

  • Make it personal

  • Pinterest is your friend

  • Cut out all your images first before arranging (Pile them into piles based on their topic)

  • Include short-term goals as well as long-term goals

  • Collage (The best part about a collage is that there are NO RULES)!

  • Write it out (It’s ok to go back with a sharpie and draw arrows and more description).

  • Display your Vision Board in a place you will see it everyday (I have mine pinned up in front of the treadmill in my unfinished basement. Trust me, it’s a much better view than the pink insulation).

  • Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you have always imagined” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Other Ideas:

Once you have created your vision board, this is a great activity to do with your families, youth groups, or school classrooms. The Cosmetology school I taught at did this on the first day of school every semester. Put on some upbeat music and you’ll have everyone envisioning their life full of possibility!

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