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Your Guide to the top 5 Latest Flooring Options

You know the saying, "Plant your feet on solid ground?"

I happen to agree.

Let's talk flooring. It's spring, it's time to roll up your sleeves and sweat and yeah, plant your feet on solid ground. My family and I have had lots of conversations about flooring, so here are the top five on my list, pros and cons...

1. Tile- One of my favorites for its durable nature and the myriad of options available. In a strange twist, one of my favorite tile trends right now is the wood grain tiles. I love these because they make a "wood" option work in a bathroom or kitchen without running the risk of warping. One of the biggest pros to tile is that if you have to replace a tile it is easy to just replace the damaged tile without compromising the surrounding tiles. Tile is great in high traffic areas and porcelain tile can be very budget friendly.

2. Hardwood- Good old fashioned tongue and groove hardwood flooring, timeless and elegant. I rarely walk into a home with hardwood flooring and comment on how bad it looks. There is something about real wood that makes a home seem valuable. Hardwoods are usually more expensive than the other options. With the recent advances in laminate and manufactured flooring you can achieve a hardwood look for a fraction of the cost. I cannot tell you how many times I walk through a home with clients and get the question "laminate or real?"

3. Bamboo- Unlike hardwood floors, the material used to create bamboo floors is a eco friendly material. Hardwoods can take 50 to 100 years to reach maturity, Bamboo on the other hand regenerates in as little as 3 years. In some areas Bamboo can be considered an invasive plant (my in-laws backyard) This fast-growing plant is as strong as steel, which makes for a highly durable floor that resists swelling and contracting with changes in humidity.

4. Concrete- One of the trendiest current flooring options. With the wide range of sealers and specialty stains currently on the market, concrete can be stamped and stained to resemble polished marble, brick pavers, tumbled stone, or really... anything you wish. Bring out your inner artist and let your imagination go wild. Concrete offers a low maintenance and durable option that is easy to cover up with another flooring if you grow tired of it. It's also the perfect flooring for radiant heat.

5. Carpet- This may be the safest is sometimes a good thing. My opinion is there is nothing better than carpet in a main living area, I love the warmth the carpet provides to a living room. Options are in abundance, durability may be lower than the others but replacing carpet is easier than some of the tongue and groove options or the tile. The range of cost for carpet is enormous.

I love walking through homes and seeing other peoples creativity when it comes to flooring. Another trend right now is using flooring in other applications. Here is a good example...and a not so good example.

Tile in bathroom/shower (Thumbs Up)

Tile in Bathroom

Carpet ON the CEILING? (No bueno.)

Beautiful timeless wood in kitchen (Thumbs up!)

Step away from the blog and get rolling on the projects you've been putting off. Who has flooring on their list? I'd love to hear what you plan on doing!

Much Love,



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