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When You Make New Goals and Life Punches You In The Face

You know that saying, "When life hands you lemonades, crawl under your blanket and cry yourself to sleep." One of my favorite quotes ever!!! Is that not how it goes? Pretty sure thats what it says.

In a world where we filter everything on Social Media and only share the best of the best of what life has to offer, I thought it would be a refreshing touch to share with you how hard this week has been for me and my family. Try and give you the other side of the coin once in awhile. I'll be the first to admit, I share a lot of good things happening to me on Social Media and have always struggled letting people see how hard life is sometimes. But none of us are immune from the ups and downs.

I was fortunate to spend some time with my family for the holidays somewhere warm where I could take a little time off and enjoy some needed "quality time." Like all of you, I work hard during the year. I don't take a lot of time off. So when I do, I am getting better about trying to be present when I'm on vacation.

With technology, my work comes with me every where I go. Even on vacation. It calls at all hours of the night and wakes me up every morning by reminding me how urgent life is.

I am not complaining. I chose my life. I can own that. But, that doesn't mean that when hard things happen, it doesn't cut deep. The week back after our trip was hard.

I came home from my trip on a high and ready to start the New Year in 4th Gear and pick up right where I left off!!!! I was going to set a new plateau for 2017 even higher than where I had set it for 2016. I was focused and I had a plan.

Here are some of the photos I snapped with my phone. Absolutely beautiful!!!!!

Then life happened...

My family and I came home with tans and glowing from the sun and we all got sick. The snow and cold have taken over our bodies and crippled our brains to be able even begin to think strategically and energized.

Then we lost a very close family animal of many years for my wife and daughter. The worst.

Now today, deals are falling through that I had lined up for months in advance. But that happens every week in my job. Lots of ups and downs.

And etc.. etc... I know many have worse problems. But these are ours this week. And it has been tough trying to stay motivated.

The light at the end of a difficult tunnel this week has been just one word- FRIENDS

With our loss we have been picked up and hugged by so many wonderful people that know how to deeply care for others. It has been humbling. We are so grateful. Friends and family visiting, calling, texting, private messaging, dropping by, leaving flowers and hugs. THANK YOU so much.

When life hands you lemonades and you crawl under a blanket and cry yourself to sleep, Stay there! Friends are on their way.

Some have shared a couple great videos that I watch when I am in a funk and sometimes they do the trick.

Brady Tanner is the Principal Broker and contributing blogger of PRIME RESIDENTIAL.

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