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Why your Front Door Matters

How is the value of your home perceived?
Think about that question. Really ask yourself what impression you are giving when it comes to your home and it having VALUE. What does your home say about you?
They say you only get one chance to make a first impression. First impressions are everything in Real Estate especially the curb appeal of your home.
So let's start with the front door. I know it doesn’t sound too exciting, after all it's just a door, but front doors are one of the first focal points when I am showing potential buyers homes. It's the entrance to your valuable home! By the time buyers are at the front door they have already formed opinions about a home.
That's huge! Do I have your attention?
So, back to the question you are so deeply pondering now. How is the value of your home perceived?
One of the ways you can find the answer is to walk across the street and look at the entry/front door of your home. What does your front door look like? Does your home have that wow curb appeal? Is the paint on your door chipping or dull? Could it use a facelift? Does it have character and send your future buyer the image you would like them to see? If not, it's time for an upgrade!
There are 3 types of doors to look at.
1. Steel Doors - Steel doors are our budget friendly doors. Steel doors are easy to paint and change. These are the most standard door but you can easily pick one that goes perfectly with the style of your home. And find the paint color that is happy and neutral and fits the character of your home. I love how Daybreak has really stamped the color wheel on their homes and doors. They have gotten really creative with colors.
2. Fiberglass Doors – Fiberglass is a mid-range door. These doors wont rust and have more insulation that steel. Which makes it a little more energy efficient. You can still paint a Fiberglass door and you can also get them to look like wood without all the maintenance.
3. Wood Doors – Wood doors are the most expensive but boy oh boy are they stunning and beautiful! They are a little more maintenance but made with all natural material. They also come in a wide variety of wood species.
Front doors are one of the simplest ways to add instant value and wow factor to your home. Did any of you attend the Utah Valley Parade of Homes? I knew I was walking into a masterpiece when I first saw the front door of the Jackson & Leroy home featured. It was unique, subtle but jaw dropping. Take a look below and see for yourself just how beautiful the entrance of a home can be.
You'll also see some front doors with creative color choices and unique design.

(Photos by Joshua Caldwell, myself and Mandy Cheney)

We hope the next time you walk up to your front door, it smiles at you and sends the message that your home is valuable and important to you. And if you're not sure, I'd love to help. Call me and I'll walk up to your door and let you know if it's smiling or not. :)

Jen Paxton is a Realtor with PRIME RESIDENTIAL and contributing blogger.

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