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Explore 9th & 9th with Me (Photo Tour)

Are there parts of SLC you haven't seen before? I have to admit, there's a lot I haven't seen.
Recently, I put 3 of my favorite things together:
1. My camera
2. Walking
3. Seeing new things.
It's so awesome when that happens! My camera helps me spot overlooked treasures. Going for a walk and I'll admit, being alone, helps my sanity. Seeing new things feeds my adventurous soul.
I love how things look through a camera lens. It's a completely different vantage point. I used to tag along with my husband when he would travel to NYC for work. And while he spent the day in the office, I wandered. My camera and I covered some serious territory. NYC is my FAVORITE! But I'm not heading that direction any time soon, so I decided it's time for me to wander SLC instead. I'm making it my new favorite. There is a lot going on in good 'ol SLC and I haven't been paying much attention to it. It's time for me to get caught up in my own community. I'm taking you with me!
I'm starting a new segment here on PRIME. I can't wait! It's a photo tour series. I am going to take you on a walk around the various blocks of SLC and its surrounding communities. Maybe you're like me and you don't get out much and would appreciate a little education, or maybe you do get out but it's usually to the soccer field or to your child's school, or the mailbox. (Or... maybe you're Joe-get-out-and-see-everything and if that's the case, let me know where my soul should wander next. :)
Alright. My first stop was 9th and 9th. That is 9th South and 9th East. When I first pulled up, I stopped at a red light and the car/thing in front of me (that looked more like half a golf cart) had been dressed as a giant stuffed dog. It had floppy ears and everything. It motored around the street with passengers who seemed to have no care in the world. I knew when I saw that, I was going to enjoy this little jaunt. My camera and I had a good time checking out some new scenery.

Here's 18 ways to see 9th and 9th...

What is there to do at 9th and 9th?
It's got hip shops, restaurants, art and a funky feel to it. Craving Thai and Gelato? Want to do Pilates? Why not head there and try something new. I loved the vibe and the unique elements that separated this street from others. It reminded me of a mini Greenwich Village. My love tank was full thanks to an afternoon of new sights.
For a list of dining and shopping choices, you can visit 9th and 9th's website.
You can also check out Only in Salt Lake's review of 9th and 9th.
Click HERE for a "Best Restaurant's" Guide to eating at 9th and 9th.

Mandy Cheney is a contributing Blogger and Photographer for PRIME RESIDENTIAL.


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