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Barn Door Takeover!

How do you free up space, add functionality and decorate your home all at the same time?

Barn Doors!

So, I have 5 kids and most days I'm running around like a chicken with her head cut off. I'm pulled in a million different places. But I love a nice looking house and I really love things to be functional. So, when I can accomplish all of that with one simple thing, I'm in! One of the ways I can accomplish that is with barn doors. I'm in love with them! You could probably say that my house has been taken over by them. This past summer I installed 4 in my house. Yes, you read that right, 4!!! I love that they add a little bit of color and texture to my house and of course the functionality is awesome.
The one I installed in my kitchen has really saved space and added a really cool look. I can even lock it! Let me tell ya, that is super helpful when little fingers start looking for food right before dinner.
Barn doors can be made with different patterns. They can be painted, stained, or have glass windows in them. Instead of french doors, add 2 barn doors. Have closets that drive you crazy? Add barn doors! Want to add value and update the look of your house? Add barn doors! The possibilities are endless. I promise when people walk in the room and see that a barn door is hung, they sigh. It's a great crowd pleaser!
Here are the ones I added in my house. In our basement bathroom, I added two. Check out the space I'm saving by doing that...

I also love how my friend and fellow blogger, Amelia Smith, added a barn door to one of her basement bedrooms...

Need some more inspiration? Check out Rustica Hardware's photo gallery. They have awesome doors and door accessories. I also like seeing the different styles of doors at Artisan Hardware. Check them out!
I dare you not to walk around your house now and see where you can fit a barn door. I couldn't resist and I'm so glad I finally did it!


Jeana Proctor is a contributing blogger at PRIME RESIDENTIAL. Do you need help creating value for your home before you sell? We would love to help!


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