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The House Trend that's Taking Over (how you can DIY)

This eye pleasing new trend is taking over. Do you have it in your house?

What is it you ask?


Basically a new spin on that awesome paneling that adorned most homes in the 70's, except this time is hung horizontally, and painted or stained to match your house. It's been my favorite addition to my house and I'm always thinking of new places to put it (coming to my laundry room soon, in fact). We recently finished our basement. Basements tend to be a little darker than other places in a house and mine was no exception. I wanted the finishes down there to be light and inviting, so a whole wall of white shiplap it was!

Want to DIY? It's easy my friends. Just head to your favorite lumber store, pick yourself out some 1/4" plywood (yes, the big sheet) and have those friendly workers cut it up for you. I had mine cut in 7 3/4" strips (that way there isn't a random thinner piece leftover at the end). Sand those puppies down and then decide how much space you want between them. I wanted about 1/8" between so that each price was defined. I nailed them onto my wall with some 16 gauge brads, primed the wall and then added 2 coats of paint at the end. I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out!

Here is a slideshow of some other areas in my house where I've add shiplap. I've even helped some friends and family add some in their homes to help create a more custom look and ultimately add value.

Take a look...

Last but not least, if you want some more texture when it comes to this look, check out tongue and groove paneling. It's called tongue and groove because it hooks together without any extra thinking. It gives you a similar look but there isn't any worry in spacing the boards. I added this on my very large walls that go up my stairs. This is stained too so the wood grain could show through.

It doesn't take much to add more value and a custom look to your home. I have enjoyed seeing what it can do for my home and for those around me!

Jeana Proctor is a contributing blogger at PRIME RESIDENTIAL.

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