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Does "THIS GUY" live in your neighborhood.

Every neighborhood has "THIS GUY" right?

While Uncle Eddie is a fictional character, he resonates with all of us because we all have an Uncle Eddie in our neighborhood. Hopefully you're not him. If you don't know for sure, you might just be.

Neighborhoods create value for everyone. But there is always one or two homes that can't seem to get in line. Let me be clear, I barely maintain what I consider to be my minimum requirement for my neighborhood. I have Rockstar curb appeal neighbors!!! I just try not to offend them.

None of us really like yard work right? Every neighborhood has a few couples that seem to love working in the yard together. My wife and I have joked that if we work in the yard together too long, one of us is going to die by the hands of the shrub clippers!!! For us, working together in the yard creates more stress than it creates "quality happy time." We avoid it.

But every neighborhood has a minimum standard as to what your front yard and curb appeal should represent. I've seen them all. I HAVE EVEN SEEN HOT TUBS IN FRONT YARDS PEOPLE!!! I'VE SEEN FRONT YARD WALK OUTS FOR TENANTS!!! I HAVE SEEN MORE CARS IN A FRONT YARD THEN THE LOCAL AUTO DEALER. There also always seems to be one neighbor with the Walter White Breaking Bad Meth RV parked out front.

I could go on.

My favorite story that happened to my neighbor friend a few years ago was having his next door neighbor gift him a gas blower (anonymously) on his front porch because he never blew the grass of the side walk after he mowed. We laughed hard about that one! The neighbor never said anything (verbally), he just left a blower for him on the porch insinuating he should try it out.

Every neighborhood has one of these- A neighbor that has:

1) Cars parked outside and on the street (some on the lawn)

2) Over grown lawn

3) Lawn that hasn't been edged

4) Weed area out at the curb ( That is still me by the way!) I've been redoing my yard for a bit. I have a hard time finishing my task list.

5) RV guy that parks his stuff on the street and leaves it for months.

6) Trailer guy that leaves his stuff on the street for people to navigate around

7) Boat guy that... well you get the point.

You get the point.

Maintaining a neighborhood is for the good of everyone. It takes a lot of individuals to care in order for everyone to benefit from the prices you potentially could enjoy when you sell. Better maintained curb appeal in a neighborhood absolutely drives up prices for everyone.

So here are 3 ways to help keep the peace and also contribute to the values in your neighborhood

1) Mow and edge your lawn once every 7-10 days. You don't have to do it twice a week like that ONE neighbor. But let's keep in reasonable. A well maintained yard is the first thing prospective buyers see in a neighborhood. "We didn't love the neighborhood" = The yards were not taken care of.

2) Don't park stuff on the street all year long. A day a week, but then its got to go. Be mindful of your neighbors. No one wants your awesome extra house out in front of your home all summer or fall. Bring it in. Clean it up and then store it back behind your home or somewhere else.

3) Plant some flowers or shrubs. (A very minimal amount.) Get some color going. Even if its just on your porch. Not everyone has a green thumb. To most, yard work is a necessary evil. Some love having every color bloom at the perfect time. Let's shoot for something in the middle.

Do you have a neighbor you want me to help move out of your neighborhood? Give me a call. Send me a quick email and lets connect. When I am in neighborhoods chatting with new clients, I always ask, "Is there someone on your street that you'd like me to move out of the neighborhood for you?" They usually always point to "THAT GUYS" house I've just talked about.

Do your part in your neighborhood. Even if its the minimum standard like me.

Brady Tanner is the Principal Broker and Owner of PRIME RESIDENTIAL.

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I teach my clients what their homes should look like to create value.

PRIME RESIDENTIAL is a boutique Residential Real Estate Brokerage committed to educating our clients how to maximize profits when buying, selling and investing in real estate. We achieve this accord by serving our clients with the heart of a teacher.

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