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Are you among the many people wondering if this is indeed the year to sell your home? Well, in my opinion, it depends. Let me tell you why.

This is the year to sell if you are ready to do it the right way. What is the “RIGHT WAY?” Let me tell you. I will show you where MOST CLIENTS I end up dealing with always leave money on the table. So if you decide to sell this year, here are three ways to hit the highest number you’ve seen in years! When I talk about earning a commission to my agents, we talk about the many ways we can WORK for our clients so they are convinced that the offer we bring them, is the BEST of the BEST. The absolute highest price they can get. In order to achieve that goal, we need to provide our clients with helpful information that gets them ready to sell. Selling your biggest investment should be far more than putting a sign in your yard and then crossing your fingers.I recently just passed 3 million dollars in sales (8 homes) in the past 90 days in my home town of Riverton. That is just Riverton. I love helping people in Riverton. I live in Riverton and know it well. People call me because they know that I have information they need to get the best price. I take the time to teach them what they need to do. They call me to help them sell because they know that I will make them more than I charge. I don’t show up and take something. I give them tools and information and make them work a little bit so they can see a huge reward. Then they make more than they believed they could. Here are a few of things we do at PRIME to help our clients maximize profits.

1. HIRE A GREAT REALTOR– It doesn’t have to be us. Just make sure whoever your Aunt is that sells homes part time knows what she’s doing. Or even better, if you think you can make the offer ON YOUR OWN, I love seeing you out there negotiating. Hope we do a deal together soon. And the last thing you want to do is let a friend that “JUST GOT HIS LICENSE” sell your home. It can be anyone that you choose, but make sure they are great. There are plenty of great Realtors. Make sure you find one of them. Ask them how many homes they’ve sold? Ask them WHY they have chosen to be a REALTOR. WILL THEY TEACH YOU HOW TO MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFIT? WHAT SPECIFICALLY CAN THEY TELL YOU YOUR HOME NEEDS? Ask them, “HOW ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE BE BACK WHAT I AM GOING TO PAY YOU TO SELL MY HOUSE?”

2. NEGOTIATE YOUR CLOSING COSTS!– The biggest mistake I see with inexperienced Real Estate Agents and buyers is they ask for too much when it comes to closing costs. In a sellers market, agents should be minimizing that cost as much as they can for their buyers. Few agents shop costs for their buyers and actually teach them saving money here could end up helping them get a better price for the house. Instead, most agents play it lazy and send all of their clients to one lender that usually is the most expensive game in town. Buyers don’t know the difference so they usually don’t ask, is this a good deal for me on these closing costs? Don’t ever feel like you can’t push back or ask your Realtor hard questions. If their answer seams shady, it probably is. Always get at least two bids for your closing costs to originate your loan.

3. DITCH THE HOME WARRANTY– If you get an offer with $400-$500 in a Home Warranty (which all offers have now) make sure you know who is paying for it. If they want you to pay for it as the seller, tell them to jump off a cliff. Way too much money is going to these companies that provide little help when something goes wrong. Do a great home inspection and cover yourselves that way. Don’t pay for anyone’s garbage home warranty. That is what they are 9/10. A big expensive piece of garbage.

I told you there was 3 things to do to sell but there are really 4!!!

Here is your BONUS TIP!

I am anal about they way your house needs to look the first day we hit the market. For 30 minutes after you’ve trusted me to sell and list your home, I am not your friend. You hired me to get the best price and I will get nasty and tell you everything that is wrong with your home and why buyers are going to scratch their heads. After I give you the honest truth and tell you what to change, then we can go back to being friends and I’ll go bring as many buyers back as I can and get you a great number. But you need to hear that your house needs fixing if you are going to get the highest price possible. If you don’t, you will let a lot of money out the door and you won’t even know how much you could have made.

I saved 2 clients this week a combined total of $12,400. The best part about that number was they didn’t even know it was available to them. I went and fought for it and brought it back to them. I don’t know about you, but that is a lot of money where I come from. To be able to show my clients how we did it is the best part of what I get to do everyday. The fact that I stay busy and get to do something I love is the best paycheck in the world. I believe making a great living is the bi product of providing incredible service and value.

Call me today if you are thinking of selling your home in Salt Lake or Utah County. I know my numbers and I will fight for your money. I promise to teach you how we can work together to maximize your profit.

Brady Tanner



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