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Spice up Your Weekend by doing These 22 FREE Things!

Hey! Are you stuck in a weekend rut? Do you find yourself asking the question,

"What should we do this weekend?"

And then do you end up doing the same thing you did last weekend?

Have your weekends turned into their own version of Groundhog day?

Do you feel like you spend too much money on the weekend and wonder where the money went?

Okay, if this sounds familiar, I am challenging you to do something new! Spring is in a teasing mood but it's here! It's a great time to refresh your life with some new activities.

Here are 22 ways to spend your weekend

And here's the bonus:


1. Find a New Recipe

I just tried this delicious Southwest Pasta Salad:

2. Meet a New Neighbor

Take the dogs for a walk or your kids (aka the best conversation ice breakers).

3. De-Clutter and Get Paid to Organize

Sell gently used clothing items for cash on the spot at Plato’s Closet or Uptown Cheapskate. If you have a little more time and patience, read this:

4. Explore Your Local Library

5. Use Those Left Over Gift Cards from Last Christmas

6. Make a New Music Playlist


8. Learn a New Skill

Home Depot and other retailers offer free workshops for all ages and experience levels. Check your local store for a monthly workshops calendar:

9. Attend a FREE Yoga Class

Yoga Recycled offers classes that are free of charge. Their mission is to inspire you to perpetuate the purpose of the practice and to do good

“To give is to receive and to receive is to give. That’s Yoga Recycled.”

10. Find a Hike Everyone Will Enjoy

11. Visit a Museum for a FREE History Lesson

Utah has a unique and rich history, check SLC 10 Best Destinations

12. Make a Vision Board

Remember this post I wrote about how to make vision boards? Maybe this is the weekend to start yours!

13. Take Pictures

14. If you Have Thousands of Pictures… Sort, Print, and Organize Them

15. Schedule a Test Drive

Through research before your next investment should always be a priority, am I right, wink!

16. Write Thank You Notes

17. Call Grandma, Gramps, or a super cool Aunt just to tell them you love them

18. Write in Your Journal, or Start an Online Journal

19. Play Monopoly or Your Favorite Board Game

20. Read a Book

21. Volunteer

Need ideas? Click here.

22. Find a PRIME Open House and Come Say Hi!


Tiffany is a real estate agent for PRIME RESIDENTIAL. Her excitement and energy for clients has transformed the lives of everyone she works with.

"I love to work and I love people. I pinch myself when I go out the door everyday."​

Tiffany is also a contributing Blogger for PRIME.


Tiffany Fletcher




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From luxury listings to first time home buyers, we dedicate our time, resources and knowledge, to achieve a very personal an rewarding real estate experience.

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