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How to "TRY" and Balance Work, Family and your Passions

We asked Coach Dave Raulston how he manages to do what he does. We absolutely love to hear people's secrets to success.

Dave Raulston not only coaches his sons' football and super league baseball teams but he is a dedicated father, husband and one of PRIME'S very own Real Estate Agents. Dave is a super witty, happy and funny guy. We wanted to pick his brain and see just how he is able to put on a happy face when he is pulled in so many directions. How does he establish a healthy work-life-balance? We could all benefit from what he has to say...

For those of you that know me know that I have three major passions in life. I like to call them the three pillars.

1. Family

2. Work

3. Coaching

Most times I feel like I'm living within the blurred lines of all three. I have recently decided to dedicate most, if not all of my life to the things that I enjoy doing.

I am blessed with the best family ever (sorry readers, you'll have to settle for #2). I have spent every day for the last 16 years with my wonderful wife...16 years! She and our 3 beautiful kids are my world. I know they don't always feel like they are my #1 priority. My kids always want to point out that I'm a "workaholic." It's not true, well, maybe sometimes it's true. Living in the grey of Father/Coach is my biggest obstacle. At times I feel like the time I spend coaching can double as family time. My intentions are good, but I do have to be better at seperating the two roles. They really are two different roles and I need to spend time in each one separately.

I often get asked by parents of the kids I coach, "How do you have time to coach?" My answer is always the same, "Because I love it!".

Growing up, the majority of my coaches were great but there were always the bad ones that cared more about winning than coaching. In my opinion those are two very different motivations. I decided early on that I would do all I could to be a COACH and not sacrifice a good experience for the kids for the "W".

I have found a way to have the best of both worlds, if you surround yourself with coachable kids you will win most of the time. My saying is and always will be, "I would rather coach a kid with a good attitude than someone with a good arm." I have passed up kids in drafts and in forming teams based on the way they carry themselves.

This principle carries on in life. Surround yourself with good people and focus on the good in people and things will work out.

Every day I get to help people and love every second of my job as a Real Estate Agent. I feel like the years of coaching have set me up to coach my clients through the home buying prcocess. One of the first things I say to clients is, "I have no interest in selling you something, I want you to feel like family when we are done buying you a home."

Just like the kids I coach and my family that I love so much, I truly do love my clients and always have their best interest in mind. This is the difference in doing something for the paycheck (the "W") and helping clients make decisions that will be in their best interests (Coaching).

What is the key to finding work-life-balance?

I know we are all trying to figure that out. I wish I had all the answers but here is what I'm trying to do and what I find to be helpful:

1. Separate the different aspects of your life into roles or pillars. Dedicate time to each one. That takes discipline and being deliberate with each area. It also means you have to stop doing one in order to spend time with the others.

2. Put the phone down when with family. That's not the time to work. Just do it!

3. Do what you love and love what you do

4. Be motivated by inspiration and not desperation!

Now, go out and do something great and be something great!

Much love,

Coach Dave

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Dave Raulston is a Residential Sales Agent and contributing blogger for PRIME.


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