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Why a FABULOUS Dining Area is Crucial

What can your dining table do for you?

I'm going to be bold with you for you a minute. Your dining table is the most important part of your home. Yep, I said it. THE MOST IMPORTANT. More important than your 72" HDTV on your wall right now. More important than your beautiful tile shower with all the bells and whistles. More important than your new and fancy washer and dryer. Clean clothes are important, but I'm still going with the dining table being more important than anything sitting in your home right now.

Do I have your attention?

Great, let's talk dining. Let's talk about the conversations that happen around the good 'ol dining table. Let's talk about my son admitting who he has a crush on. Let's talk about us laughing at the silly faces my 6 year-old pulls when she finds out what I've cooked for dinner. Let's talk about my 12 year-old looking for comfort because homework has her down. Let's talk about the great things we did that day and the not so great things. Let's admire my 4 year-old as he stands on the chair and does his latest Ninja Turtle dance. Yeah, that's a fun moment. And after we're done talking about all that is new in our life, let's get out a deck of cards and play Crazy 8. Because that's the only game that fits every age in my home. Then let's eat some cookies Dad made and get ready for bed. Let's talk about all of that being more important than anything else.

What brought the family together?

The dining table.

The comfy chairs.

The meal.

And ultimately making TIME to be together. The dining area is where the family regroups and works out their next move or strategy. We all want to have those cushy moments with our families. Am I right? I want those moments too. Let's be real though, it's hard to find time to get together and it's not ALWAYS pleasant. I may have left out a few minor details in the above mentioned scenario. Like how my son can't sit by his sister because the sound of her eating utterly grosses him out. And I may have forgotten to mention that my kids don't really eat what I cook. But I keep trying. Regardless, we get to come together at the end of the day and see each other. And at the end of the day, it's not about the food I made. It's about being together. I'm beginning to sound like a broken record.

I have some tips for you. Want more family togetherness?

Start here.

Assess your dining area. Make time for it. Schedule it like you would a soccer practice. Add it to your calendar. Let everyone know that they have a date with the dining table at such and such a time. Plan your meal ahead of time and abracadabra you have just deposited HUGE benefits in your family love tank. You've also increased your family's percentage of being healthier. (Here is a great research link from Cornell about the benefits of family dinners.)

Are you selling your home? Are you looking to improve it? Don't know where to start?

Again, start here. Need some recommendations for dining furniture? Restoration Hardware nails it every time. Let's be honest, they nail everything, but let's use them in the above picture for an example of what to do. They have created a space that is comfortable and cozy. I wouldn't mind a home cooked meal around that table and on those chairs. I'd even invite the neighbors over for dinner! Start with these fabulous details.

1. The lighting above your table should be jaw dropping, inspiring and inviting. It's not just nice to look at but it is the focal point of your area. It's the light! Follow the light! The sky is the limit when it comes to lighting options. Reach for the sky with a creative piece that speaks to you.

2. The table. Notice how long the table is. There is room for everyone. It's sturdy and ready for the next family gathering. It's also ready for homework and games. I love the collaboration of rustic and modern in this particular table. It's also clutter free. Avoid the paper pile-up from happening on your dining table. You'll be more inclined to use it if you don't have to clean it.

3. Chairs. Oh so comfortable (oh so NOT kid friendly, but a leather version works just as well). Everyone belongs at this table. Even your daughter's boyfriend that you're meeting for the first time or your friends from High School that are reuniting for lunch. Chairs are a fun accessory. You can add splashes of color and personality with a variety of chairs or you can stick with formal and simple. Better conversations happen when the seating is right. So, sit back, relax and stay awhile.

You can never go wrong with the right updates in your dining space. I love how Amelia switched out her office to make a formal dining room. Check it out here. We all want to believe that we have time to be together as family and friends. I promise you will be happier if you can gather for a bit each day.

Happy dining!


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