June 30, 2016

I love walking into a houses with clients that are excited to buy a home and when we enter, we all have that "AhHa" moment. I have had that moment several times in the last few months as I have been helping clients find their dream home. I have had to stop numerous tim...

June 28, 2016

One of my favorite ways to freshen up my home is to replace my kitchen + bath linens.   There's nothing better than a bright, clean, soft new towel.  Right?!  

If you're after a hip, modern touch, turkish towels or also called "fouta towels" are all...

June 28, 2016

Another school year has come and gone, and I'm not sure about your kids, but mine are jumping for joy that school is out!  It's finally summer!! Time to enjoy the great outdoors. I'm always excited for that day when we can say goodbye to schedules, mundane routines a...

June 21, 2016

I recently wrote about 8 things that make a home great.  I am a firm believer that our homes should invite happiness into our lives.  I talked about how your home should help you seize moments for more reverie and felicity.  Well look no further, these spaces have it a...

June 16, 2016

Every neighborhood has "THIS GUY" right?

While Uncle Eddie is a fictional character, he resonates with all of us because we all have an Uncle Eddie in our neighborhood. Hopefully you're not him. If you don't know for sure, you might just be.

Neighborhoods create value fo...

June 14, 2016

Happy Flag Day!  Nothing says summer to me like red, white + blue.  

There is something so charming + quaint about homes adorned with flags.  One sure-fire way to add extra color, interest + curb appeal to your home is to add a few stars + stripes this time of...

June 9, 2016

Every week I am in some amazing homes! I still pinch myself that the profession I have chosen allows me to take clients through homes and I get to see how people really live. At PRIME, as Realtors, we are always trying to pass on the Selling Features in homes that can...

June 7, 2016

We spend a lot of money, time and effort on our homes.  Our homes secure us and our families from external elements.  Our homes are pretty amazing.  But they are not indestructible.  I learned just how vulnerable a house can be when I had a day filled with careless cho...

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April 30, 2020

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