DIY: Creating the Perfect Office Space for Your Home

We lived in an 1100 square foot home in the beautiful state of North Carolina before we made the move to our current home. Unfortunately, our quaint little home didn't have enough space for my kids toys (we ended up creating a toy room under the stairs) let alone a craft/office room. So...I'm sure you can imagine my excitement when we moved into a home that had room for an office. Yep, an office. But I wanted a craft room too. What to do, what to do? After much deliberation between my husband and I, we decided to combine them. Make an office and craft room in one! I also was able to create a homework space where all of the books, backpacks and homework can go after school. The best part is

Vision Boards: Goal Setting for Artistic and Creative Folk

I want to open up this week about one of my guilty pleasures (and I’m not talking about ABC’s, The Bachelor). I’m talking about my preoccupation with monthly magazine subscriptions. Every month I receive a variety of Fashion, Health, and Current Event subscriptions. Some are paid but most are FREE. Check this link for a list of complimentary subscriptions that can be mailed directly to you. So I know what you must be thinking... 1. Are magazine subscriptions still really a thing with the instant access of Internet, blogs, and social media outlets? I’ll answer with a resounding YES! Or your next question may be... 2. What do you even do with all those magazines after you read them? To that

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