How to Get Your House Camera Ready (8 Tips)

So you want to sell your house. I'm guessing you want top dollar for it too, right? Of course you do! And on top of that you want to WOW all those that come through your door. It is after all the people who fall in love with your home that buy it. But here's the thing, they aren't going to want to see your house unless they like the pictures of it before hand. We live in a very visual time now. Good photos are everything. I've seen the great, the bad and the downright ugly when it comes to homes that are ready to be put on the market. I show up with my camera and know when the seller has done their job. I know it's not easy, but it's definitely worth the work to get your home camera r

The House Trend that's Rolling in for the Holidays

I can not believe it's that time of year again! The holidays are such a wonderful time to enjoy family, friends, turkey, presents, snow, traditions and holiday parties! Have you started planning your holiday parties yet? I can't wait to get them started!! Well this month I have the perfect trend idea for you to get that party planning in full swing. I want to talk about the new trend of bar carts. This trend is for everyone so whether you like a cosmo or a dirty diet coke this one is for you! Bar carts are popping up everywhere. I have seen really cute ones from Ikea and Target. They come in all materials and sizes and can be casual, antique or glamorous. Bar carts are the perfect organi

How to "TRY" and Balance Work, Family and your Passions

We asked Coach Dave Raulston how he manages to do what he does. We absolutely love to hear people's secrets to success. Dave Raulston not only coaches his sons' football and super league baseball teams but he is a dedicated father, husband and one of PRIME'S very own Real Estate Agents. Dave is a super witty, happy and funny guy. We wanted to pick his brain and see just how he is able to put on a happy face when he is pulled in so many directions. How does he establish a healthy work-life-balance? We could all benefit from what he has to say... For those of you that know me know that I have three major passions in life. I like to call them the three pillars. 1. Family 2. Work 3. Coachin

5 Mistakes Most First Time Home Buyers Make

As a Realtor, I love helping First Time Home Buyers find the place that starts it all. I love to teach. I remember my first home like it was yesterday. It was many moons ago now. But I remember every bit of the 900 sq.ft. Basement condo with almost no natural light. I remember it was always cool. That was nice. I remember thinking then, it needs a little bit of work, but it was ours. I know how important it is to start your financial future with a solid foundation. I've seen some first time home buyers buy smart and get ahead quick to a solid financial future and I've seen others get into big trouble. Here are the five mistakes I see far too often. SEARCH TOWN HOMES AND CONDOS IN YOUR AREA!!

Want a Custom Look for your Home Without the Custom Price?

Have you ever known some one who can make you laugh at the drop of a hat? Can befriend even the unfriendliest of people? Has talent seeping out of their veins, works so hard that even thinking about it makes you tired? Well, I have! I know, I'm lucky, right? This person happens to be one of my heroes too. Now that I've got you all in suspense, I'll fill you in on who this person is. My DAD!!!! I wanted to share a little about him on this blog post because he has helped me so much in my house (and others). He is amazing with his hands. He is your make everything-fix everything-go-to-guy. He can build anything you imagine. I have so many nook and crannys in my house that require the w

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