Kids back in School? Time to Show your Home some much needed LOVE

Raise your hand if your kids just went back to school and you maybe shed a few tears while simultaneously giggling. It's sad to see them grow so fast, great to see them grow so fast. Sad to have them gone, but it sure is peaceful when they're gone. Raise your hand if your car was full of smashed goldfish and popcorn on your way to carpool and shiny and clean on your way back. Raise your hand if you were excited about getting things put back in order and clean and having it stay that way for a few hours. Both hands are up over here! That's the stage of life I'm in. Goldfish crumbs. Like everywhere. I have 4 little kids and Summer teetered on the edge of fun, carefree, amazing, messy, i

One Design tip to follow. Are you doing it?

If you have been reading my blogs over the past few months, you know my passion has been sharing with you quick and easy ways to update your home so it shows well for prospective buyers. When you write a blog, you have a lot of faith and send out something very personal for the universe to read and hopefully accept. I've really enjoyed sharing my passion and these helpful tips on the PRIME Blog. So I have to admit I am a little.. ok maybe A LOT OCD. I just simply like things in their place! I like things clean and I try to be organized. I can't relax until my dishes are done and my countertops are clean at night. I don't like to wake up to a mess to start my day. With that context, you can n

Teaching your kids how to work

Does Your Family & Summer Need a Snack Shack? I don't know about you, but our summers consist of having lots of fun. Trying not to be tied down to a schedule, and having more fun. But even though during summers, we are busy doing many fun filled activities, my husband and I try to teach our kids some important life skills. We want them to learn to work! And in the summer, we want them to go "work" outside. This summer, my daughter got her start earning how to run a small business. We invested in a cotton candy machine last summer and then this year, she decided to put it to good use. We started out serving our goodies to neighborhood kids and families on a simple card table on in front of t

Find your "Happy" at Home

What brings you joy? I have a handful of people, places and things that can immediately warm my heart and douse my soul with joy. One of those places happens to be twenty steps from my back door. This morning I visited it to grab fresh raspberries for my oatmeal. This afternoon I snipped basil and plucked a mouth watering juicy tomato for my lunch. I ate zucchini bread for a mid-afternoon snack and tonight I will spiralize zucchini noodles for dinner and most likely top it with basil and some more tomatoes. And when the sun starts to go down, you can find me with my latest book and lounge chair while I listen to the silent hum of bees and smell the peppermint blowing in the breeze. (Th

Head Turning Affordable Marble Alternatives

Timeless + Sophisticated, marble is always a win. Although, if your last name isn't Trump, then you may want to consider a marble alternative like this pretty porcelain tile on your next remodel or new build. Have you seen this stuff? I can't wait to use it on my next project! The other day while browsing through The Home Depot tile section, I spotted these marble porcelain tiles on sale for $1.99 / sq ft! I was amazed at how authentic they looked. Swoon Worthy used these Italian porcelain tiles (above) around her fireplace + hearth as well as in her kitchen. Today I've rounded up some stunning, affordable marble tile alternatives for you! Take a look! - Links below - 1. Calcutta | 2

Are you going to the Parade of Homes?

IT IS PARADE TIME! It is that time of year again! Yes it is that season that we all enjoy the warm weather, sunshine, fireworks, barbecues with family and friends and the lazy days of summer. But, most importantly, there are also parade's. I know what you are thinking but I'm not talking marching bands, lots of candy and Floats! I am talking about the Salt Lake Parade Of Homes. For me this is the most wonderful time of the year and something I never miss! As a Real Estate Agent at PRIME RESIDENTIAL, our company makes it a point to visit the new homes and see new trends that are coming to design. We also need to know our market and see some great homes! I can't wait to see the latest and grea

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