Salt Lake City is THE Place

My kids and I climbed "Ensign Peak" last week in honor of Salt Lake City's 169th birthday. While we were surveying the vastly beautiful landscape before us, I had a moment. I was reminded just how awesome Utah is. I see why the first people to settle the Salt Lake Valley in 1847, which were pioneers seeking a better life, ended their arduous journey here. Their leader, when he looked out across this valley said, "This is the place." He nailed it. Salt Lake is THE place. The Salt Lake Valley, which is nestled and protected by some pretty incredible mountains has it all. There is something for everyone to enjoy. Want the excitement and prestige from city life? Salt Lake has it. New bu

Dear moldings, I love you!

Are the rounded columns inside homes a thing of the past? Let's chat about it. If your home was built in the early 2000's, chances are you may have some Greek Architecture in your home. What could that be, you ask? Round columns, my friends. Round columns. I am afraid they are out. Dated, gone, not coming back anytime soon. Maybe they are outside your home welcoming visitors when they arrive, or maybe, like my home, they are inside. What to do with them is the question? I no longer wanted them welcoming any outside or inside my home. They had to go. What would be the best way to "modernize"(it is a word I use at my house when I'm convincing my husband to support my new project.) How did I

Is Your House Beaming?

It's not unusual to catch me quizzically chewing on my upper lip while I gaze upward at our ceiling. Water's running, I'm in the middle of the dishes, yet I can't take my eyes off the target. Not much getting done in the dishes department. It's happening more and more now which can only mean one thing. Something is about to go down or in this case...up. I'm ceiling shopping. I'm ceiling dreaming and I'm ready to dress our ceiling. I keep looking at our complicated vault wondering how I can pull it off. Every room in my house has been examined and thoroughly daydreamed. Which room is first? It's a tough decision. Trim on the ceiling and beams of all shapes, colors and sizes really add


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